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Hello everyone, well first off, i must say i am not much of a review person, but here are some pictures of something worth sharing so you know that the PMS2600 set is very much worth buying (well at least for me)

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i was kind of looking to add on the DIY bunch of test clips and hooks i have. mine are pretty much quite well used now as you can see these al cheapo croc clips.

my well used al cheapo banana jacks


just to add for comparison sake, the actual test gear that comes with the UNI-T and APPA DMM.

This is from UNI-T 61E. the points are not exactly pin sharp. and it does tarnish.

the probe has a rubbery feel to it, im not sure what is the material. silicone? synthetic rubber? on the reverse side, it says CAT4 600v. however in reading up some notes from the web, isnt CAT4 probes suppose to have only the tips exposed and everything else insulated (including that bit baring before the tip about a good 10mm)?

This probe is from APPA DMM 62T.

The Taiwanese seem to be more "realistic" in their ratings, unlike CHINA manufacturers. in their mind, they must be thinking, who the hell will actually try and burst a probe at 1000v? lets just print a 1000v tested CAT3 anyway, nobody will die from a mishap and even if accidents do happen, they cant very well 
pin it on a probe. right?

Test probe from mini DSO203. this unit has very low ratings, the probe doesnt even have any CAT rating. which is good, because their manual does speak of maximum voltage (something below 50v) and it will give people who do read manuals an idea about what they should not do with this probe (like stick it into HV supplies)

i think the DSO203 is quite affordable. their probes are quite well finished. and metal contacts are solid and not flimsy. for something portable and spots a function generator the size of a iphone and having a nice quality and feel to it, its quite worth it i think.

this is a $10 version of the scope probe, bad quality. no CAT ratings. flimsy cables. (i got this al cheapo probe just to use the extra channel of my junk KENWOOD analog scope)

a more expensive version bought from a rip off store (i will never visit that store again). but this probe has proper CAT ratings and is made in Taiwan.

solid built quality

adjustable trimming cap

this chunky looking croc clip is part of the UNI-T UT81B meter. CAT4 600v.

but to handle this croc, your fingers need to have been somewhat trained for Mr Olympia. it takes a ton of force to get it to open. and when it shuts, it will pinch off your flesh (no i did not test it on my own flesh, but i dont think anyone should test flesh pinching with these)

the probes with this 81B are somewhat better than the UT61. it feels solid, not rubbery at all. the tip has screw threads that will fit the flesh pinching croc clips. however, when fitted, the entire probe will be somewhat ridiculously long and could be unbalanced if the croc is just pinching something flimsy (likely it will tip off to the side and break a flimsy electronic component instead of the croc jaws giving way if the spring is somewhat less powerful)

So what about the HIRSCHMANNs? they are GREAT! the PMS2600 set consists of 2 spring loaded grip/claws, 2 heavy duty croc clips, 2 pin sharp DMM test probes, 2 banana ended connecting cables (all in red and black color)

every part has a label on its CAT and voltage capability (and amperes where applicable)

extension spring loaded grip/claws are 4A rated

1000v CAT3

the claws are about 5mm+ when opened (version/model 2600)

they are very much larger than these logic hooks. and the front extension is rather flexible.

CAT2 300v 25A croc clips

Solid looking spring inside

serated heavy grip (not flesh pinching)
i have to say, they must have done some time to R&D the spring load. these Germans !

well protected rear socket

contoured for finger/thumb handling (and these croc clip are quite large, when the jaws are opened up, the gap measures approx 10mm on my calipers!)


CAT3 1000v 1A mini pin sharp probes (really pin sharp, fully insulated right up to the tip !)

(new pic) Yep i purposely took one more photo of this to show the PIN SHARPness

 they look shorter than usual probes, but with fitted banana jack. its about the same length as most probes. looking at the comparison below, the thinner front insulation stem will allow the hirschmann probe to poke into really tight spaces. talk about a great design ! i wonder how much time they spent conjuring this design up. marvelous id say ! when i was looking at the product guide for this test set, i wanst sure what this small looking test probe was, until right here. i think the design of this probe is overly under-rated. the majority of high end DMM brands should be using something like these instead.

(new pic) Compared to the UNI-T 61E probe. the closer we zoom in, the better we can see. but of course, the Hirschmann tip is new, the UNI-T probe is well used.

(new pic) Yes its a safety pin. and that looks like hair growing out from my thumb ! O.o? in practical terms, the sharper tip will require less pressure to assure a low resistance contact to where it is probing. and a sharper tip will help to penetrate old oxidised solder or tracks or even paint to achieve contact with less pressure.

the banana jacks of the connecting cables are very nice. although it says only CAT3, it looks like CAT4 build with every possible insulation bit everywhere even on the ends of this jack.

 1000v 16A CAT3

i got my set from RS components (singapore) for about USD47 (delivery was free, some kind of promo i guess?). i think its great value for the money (and no ... i do not work for Hirschmanns, but they can feel free to give me free samples if they think my photos are good hahaha)

>> edit : i went to hirchmanns website, they have been acquired by Belden, the hirschmanns test and measurement division we see here is taken over by SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH. good thing its still German! 


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