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A renewable energy power for residential block?

i come from a country almost smack center on the equator very small lotsa angry people not enough sleep we have anti-vax too capitalism based governance high income disparity high national debt per capita there has been much online chatter about what to do with future energy needs there is the online chatter of solar power pipeline from australia, landline power from malaysia, solar, nuclear, etc the online chatter of nuclear is far fetched as there is no safety margin for accidents it will also become a primary terrorist target, once damaged, one could say the entire country will need to rent a room next door many have also commented that it is impossible to install solar to power the high density residential apartments i wanted to know if that is true (if TL:DR it can be done, but not pumped hydro) the main argument about solar is that you get no power at night so therefore there is a need to store power (this increases the cost of solar significantly) i will also talk a little about

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