MAINTENANCE 0000 : panasonic EH30P hotpot teardown

My hotpot seem to be a little dirty, and so it has to go under the screw driver for a bit ...

high quality connection spades

all that heat convection stains inside the plastic shell. the water channels require a very flexible pipe brush (<10mm) to get inside.

3 years in operation, slightly scarred PCB (3P6MH SCR @3A)

the pot welds are really superb

full power, in operation. by wrapping the
pot in a regular T-shirt, heat is further
conserved to reduce power draw
@20ct/kWh, a full pot boil takes about 5cts

power cycle :
ON - full boil (750w) - idle (12w) - reach selected temp (12w~130w warm~idle cycle)
with a fabric cover, the unit dwells in idle (12w) for a longer time than in the 130w state.


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