036 :: the most unlikely PSU mod LOL !!!

Ok so after much mucking around with the standard hobby chassis frame/box, tinkering with different configurations of the old PSUs. I  have to conclude that it can no longer contain everything that is about to be done (and possible future addons if any). After a wild lightning strike of an idea, more food container mods!

Yep its one of those PP type plastic boxes but i think this 1 is a mixture, it doesnt even have a PP label (or any label, made in Malaysia). it is really cheap, US$2 ! It measures roughly 6x5x10inches. the only drawback i could feel literally, is that it takes on static charges.


Semi transparent all round, I can rough up the surface a little and GOOP anything on the inside, example like in the picture above.

Take a hole saw, whip up a hole, GOOP in a fan in the rear.

GOOPalicious !


This is the GOOP Ive been talking about

it is not exactly a 100% human friendly product, there are cautions to adhere by as presented on the tube instructions.

See the white residue?

It is somewhat like super glue white residue, so this glue has its drawbacks too.

On goes the little digital voltmeters from china!

 And a rather large ammeter. however these 3 meters arent all that is in the plans, i have also acquired a few more mini meters, they will go on the insides in a few days once they arrive. there are 3 rails to monitor 1 master incoming, total 8 meters for both voltage and amperes.

whip in some holes on the side, it blows into the PWM PSU, up the top and out the rear ventilator.

 the PWM PSU is specifically mounted to this side to receive the incoming air first.

a side effect of modding a PSU this way is that it kind of glows in the dark (like some modded game PC machine)


 so total 8 meters, inclusive 1 large analogue ammeter (for master)


and plenty of room for future mods, like current limiters, automated chargers, voltage boosters (upto 100v DC), etc etc

*edit* with more stuff put on and inside, now its looking somewhat like frankenstein.

the panel binding posts are slightly staggered to allow for finger turning allowance, but unfortunately, no pilot holes drilled, so its really staggered !

the special post on the bottom is a direct output from the PWM PSU. Raw power !

**edit : in the final build. there is only 1x LM317, 1x 7805 and 1x 7812 output. 3 DVM + 1 ammeter display.

to be continued ... ?


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