041 :: the X-axis revisited (Giant 3D)


After accumulating much experience and freebie information from the community. i have returned to the test platform of the existing X-axis to mod it further.

(i just have to add this amazing photo of a pot stew of veges!) 

So the idea here is to double back the belt (open cut fashion, my initial format was direct closed belted drive). this will require 2 more sets of idlers.

( this piece of pine wood carriage is taken from a decimated IKEA furniture! )

i removed the NEMA23 from the Z-axis test platform and dunked it here. this is the same 400steps/rev low current stepper.

i also re-adjusted the rails, because the wood platform which it sits on are not flat at all. perils of cheap materials :D. it really adds a big bloody challenge to something really simple.

these end belt clamps may look very familiar to some of you, if you use quite a bit of IKEA furnitures, it is a wall strain retainer for a IKEA wall cabinet! oh and i just love these belts, made in Japan BANDO !!! SUGOI !!!

more IKEA belt clamps !

clothes peg holding a mini trigger switch, while the glue dries.

completed and in action

another view

put in some slower stepper ticks, and add in a caliper. just for fun. i am still awaiting for the dial caliper, which will offer some real numbers into the accuracy.

Off hand, based on what i have calculated before (in post 031). this is the same 13teeth XL pulley (an even smaller 10 teeth is on the way). we are now looking at a calculated estimated accuracy of ...

Distance moved = pi*(D+ (beltthickness/2) ) * (0.1125/360) = 0.02170mm
with both effects of doubling belts and 400steps/rev = 0.005425mm = 5.4microns

id say its a jolly nice number to play with, i might just grab 2 more 400steps/rev for the Y-axis as well. the new 10 teeth pulleys have a diameter of about 15mm, that will further improve the accuracy to about 4 microns! Jolly GOOD !!!

*edit* due to some slight wavering of the belting,  some adjustments are made to the height and belt clamps. there is still some slight tension imbalance but it is all levelled out now (the challenges of using WOOD !)

Maybe when this giant is up and ready, i can do some precision wood milling ! :D


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