mods 2014-1 :: FLIR E4 firmware mods

For those who know what a FLIR E4 is and the famous tear down and mod thread in EEVBLOG, instructables, etc etc ... if you followed the youtube "tutorial" made by "PSPgamr", you can actually mod a USD995 (amazon price which is approx = RSP) FLIR E4, into a USD3995 FLIR E8. However, if you are like me living in a small island with HEAVY technology passive taxes, you will find that the local distributor of FLIR is selling the FLIR E4 for about USD1900 (plus 4-6 weeks shipping). For this, i was up in arms (and legs). our government was very proud to say that they are very supportive of technological ventures, to that i would say MY SMELLY SALTY walked the 10km beaches FOOT!

now because the authorised distro have such a "wonderful" pricing structure (there are 2 other resellers, but why so many?). our government say that we are a free trade nation, so there we have it, "Free" trade, free to rip off people?
These 2 blokes are ^%%#$, best quoted price was still over USD1500 (and light years of shipping as usual).

So ... why should i get ANYTHING from dealers OR resellers if 1) they only sell stuff 2) they are not FLIR experts 3) they CANNOT do any local support directly for this high end equipment ... so why? tell me why?

therefore you should either
1) buy direct from amazon
2) buy direct from an unlisted FLIR reseller
3) get a friend to buy on your behalf and send him/her some beer

and SO i got my FLIR E4 from an unlisted reseller. respect to the good authorised agents who actually support your local community (in other countries). in my country, they only do one thing, sell stuff, and they say this is good for the economy. but what is the economy good for? what we really need is an economy that NOT only keeps you alive, but bring you to the next evolutionary stage of technological edge that will set you free. but unfortunately, the nextgen economy is not about setting us free aint it? somebody needs us desperately for their billionaire-hood-ship ... somebody ...

what else can go wrong in shipping things? our telecommunications minister said we have the best facilities here, but, my FLIR parcel got stuck at our NUMBER ONE king pin local postal handler for over 3 weeks, AND NOBODY calls me to let me know it is there. are they trying to have a go and swipe my parcel when nobody recieves it?

*expletives* $#@#%
*expletives* you SINGPOST !

number 1 ranked in lowest paid post handlers, it is no wonder the mails dont move as fast, relies heavily in part time workers instead of in house permanent staffers, paying excruciatingly low salaries in both cases. being a government linked entity, it is a reflection of the high hand they use in both politics and business. this is not a question of paying MORE for efficiency, when it is a matter of paying for BASIC FUNCTIONS in POSTAL and SHIPPING (and proper communications)

so much for my hatred and anger, lets talk about other thermally related stuff ...

1) 1 unit FLIR E4, old firmware (up to 1.22, versions 2++ will not work)
2) 1 set FLIR device driver --
3) 1 set FILEZILLA (to dig into the FLIR device and change the files)
4) 1 set instructional video ...

in summary
1) turn on RNDIS inside FLIR (to enable ftp to connect via USB)
2) calculate CRCs into mod files, and swap files inside using ftp
3) wala FLIR E4, become  FLIR E8 !


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