012 :: cheap UT61E DMM (vs AX-585B?)

After spending some time hunting for an alternative DMM (aka cheap and good DMM). Saw this UT61E somewhat the subject of many pros and cons (EEV --> http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/uni-t-ut61e-multimeter-teardown-photos/?PHPSESSID=c806853463fcf9e016051d55b85cc141 , Martin's --> http://youtu.be/Bz6CYDRl1M8). After a quick clickety click on TaoBao, I got my hands on this piece of equipment @ approx USD$48.50

However, as the reviewers put it, it is good but not that perfect. it does not auto power off

so if you do not power it off manually, the 9v battery inside is a gonna in a few days.
in order to make this dumb meter auto power off, a DIY mod need to be performed. it is a serious dumb design issue to omit the auto power off when the feature is already in the chip.

For that to happen, we can see some experts have already delved into the innards and made a guide on how its done (http://www.designelectronics.com.au/DesignElectronics_UT61E-APO.htm). However on my side, due to the lack of a phototrans on hand, I just merely took out the chasis/gnd trace. And wala! The auto shut down is enabled (15minute countdown). While waiting for the phototrans and USB RS232 interface to arrive, sadly, I wont be using the PC logging function anytime soon.

at 20,000 counts and under USD50,it is hard to beat. https://goo.gl/Q0fIus <-- link to TME list of DMM

possible candidates (updated 2017)
axiomet AX-585B (EN61010) /https://goo.gl/eHVXLb
UNI-T 61E (no EN/iso std)
UNI-T 56 (no EN/iso std)

however, upon closer inspection, the AX-585B could be a rebadged UNI-T 890x. The 890x is a USD26-ish meter. and also do not have any safety std. both 890/585 sport a 30 turn dial selector range and a straight layout 4mm banana socket. it could be a massively re-worked internal layout to drive the 19999 count LCD (no Hfe port too).

under ebay listings, you hardly find axiomet meters, which is suggesting that axiomet could be a housebrand of a certain large scale retailer with products rebadged from something like UNI-T.

however, unlike the UNI-T, it seems to have been heavily redesigned. http://static.tme.eu/products_pics/8/3/6/836a86e679b0c5db52cac26dda0a2f1e/Axiomet_high_res_430861.jpg
the battery fuse access is also very different
and with the exposed PCB shown in EEVblog, it will suggest the AX-585B is also likely to contain no trimmers for DIY calibration.

but there is no doubt, AX-585B is the cheapest EU EN61010 safety certified meter.


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