023 :: it appears that KiCad to LINEGRINDER is even better !

Select to plot from KiCad, choose Gerber. (by default, KiCad plot should be in INCHES, there is no selection for MM).

Open linegrinder, and grab the xxx.GBL file done by KiCad. KiCad Gerber export are in the format xxx.GBL (not xxx.GBR). you can either rename it or just use as is. The file imported is SPOT ON! as you can see.

You can also directly export drill files from KiCad (note that you need to select INCHES during export, or LINEGRINDER will post an error. either that or you have to switch LINEGRINDER to read and interpolate in MM scale, just for drilling only)

SO much for converting RASTER to DXF to GCODE !!! @$#%^#%@%

now lets make some milling machine !!!


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